Refugee Poetry

Numele companiei producătoare: APEIRON FILMS
Regizor: Dave Lojek
Distributie: APEIRON FILMS
Muzica: Xamgin
Scenariu: Dave Lojek, Zeravan Khalil
Durata filmului: 4 min.

  • 5 septembrie 2018
  • Ora 17:00
  • Centrul Multifuncțional Educativ pentru Tineret „Jean Constantin“
  • Intrarea libera. Accesul se face in limita locurilor disponibile.

The Kurdish Iraqi poet and actor Zeravan Khalil travels with his dog through an Alpine gorge after fleeing from IS war and genocide. As he remembers the abomination, he writes a poem with the title “You drive me mad” in Kurmanji Kurdish. In his home country, Yazidic Kurds are forbidden to work in his profession.